We are business professionals - and oh, by the way, we do benefits.


A CPA, a former VP of a Bank, a COO with Medical Device experience, and a PHR certified HR professional walked into a bar...

Seriously, each of us on the leadership team at the Benefits Group have been thought leaders and sucessful in our respective industries.  When we came together through various paths and random introductions, we discovered that our cumulative passion was to dive into the heart of business - with the intent of understanding its culture, its operations, its struggles, and its vision.  Actually, we still operate and generate revenue as a fee-for-service business consulting firm.

However, we quickly came to understand that some of the biggest line item expenditures were for employee related liabilities.  So, human capital was not only an organization's greatest asset, but its biggest liablity as well. 

Management 'in the know' should recognize that payroll taxes, worker's compensation premiums, employee training, employee benefits and the big one - employee turn over - can make or break profitability and wreak havoc on slim margins. So why wouldn't an organization want to get creative here?  I don't know, you tell us.  

Perhaps it's because that dreaded word 'insurance' is a well known and despised commodity that is often times heavily regulated, overly legislated, and usually compulsory.

We address this head on.  We dive deep into our tool-box and use every service, technology, and strategic partnership to create an environment that provides the best possible benefit package to actually serve its purpose of engaging employees, making them feel good about where they work and, if designed properly, save the organization money.