It's Really Very Easy


ask yourself why you offer benefits
and who benefits

Do you offer them because the law tells you it's required? Do you offer them to attract the best talent? Do you offer them to be competitive?  Whatever the answer, we want to give you a good reason to say 'yes'!


decide YOur course of action
educate on the options

Is your Broker doing everything he should? Is he shopping plans, offering HR advisory service, best in class onboarding software, customized enrollment sites or free financial plans for employees? If not...why not?


Make the call to get the service
It's painless 

Keep what you have, but get someone better to service it.  From there, we will work with you on a strategy to slowly incorporate new and alternative cost-saving measures and solutions designed to drive engagement.


Employees are saavy

Today's employee's are more educated and have access to more information and resources.  They know what your competitors offer and the know what they want.  It is up to you to understand the value of a good employee, the cost of turnover, and the concept of happy productivity.  Let's talk about your options and what a comprehensive benefit package looks like for your employees.


What constitutes a good benefits package?

A great group benefits package is all part of the employee experience.  And it must be presented in a way that makes the employee feel valued and to believe that they are part of an organization that does things the right way.  The combination of offerings is as unique as your industry, your employee demographic, and you company culture.  

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  • Does the Broker provide you with a customized enrollment site?
  • Does the Broker offer a benefits administration software that helps with on-boarding?
  • Does your Broker understand your employee demographic and customize plans or offer multiple plans to accommodate?
  • Will your Broker sit down one-on-one and educate your employees in an effort to drive engagement?
  • When the employee has an issue, do they call an 800 number for the carrier or the Broker?
  • Does you Broker offer employee value adds to make you look good like an employee perk program or a free financial plan for your employees, and more?

So what's in a Broker?

A lot! The unfortunate truth is that a lot of Brokers have become lazy and complacent.  They believe their only role is to serve up a few pages at renewal time and then 'poof' they're gone.  We believe MUCH differently.  We believe, and always have, that insurance is a commodity; any Broker can offer it.  It is the full business value that our team of prior COOs, VPs of Banks, and CPAs bring to the table that make us different.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Is the Broker actually shopping the plans each year?
  • Is the Broker looking to see who is on the plan that is 65 or older?
  • Is the Broker looking at options with no network?
  • Is the Broker considering level funded options based on your employee demographic and claims experience?
  • Is the Broker looking for WOTCs (work opportunity tax credits)?
  • Is the Broker considering the possibility of a QSEHRA (qualifed small employer HRA) if under 50 FTEs (full time equivalents)?
  • Does the Broker keep up with your wrap documents?
  • Do you have a Section 125 plan that allows you to deduct premiums pre-tax?
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